CEE at Rutgers

Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our students tackle issues of global importance, including the sustainability of infrastructures, the impact of transportation on the environment, deploying emerging concepts and technologies in the construction of new facilities, and much more. Our faculty members are leading innovators with recent technological advances that include a robot that examines bridge surfaces using sophisticated tools and a 3-D geospatial mapping instrument.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree
CEE prepares students for a career in industry or graduate study by combining traditional classroom learning with laboratory and hands-on experience. Students graduate with a solid understanding and appreciation of civil and environmental engineering along with a concentration in a specific interest area, including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water resources and environmental engineering, and construction management. Find out more>>
Master of Science Degree
The MS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering is a degree for students who wish to equip themselves with a more solid foundation within a specialized civil engineering field preparing themselves for professional advancement in industry. Find out more>>
Doctoral Degree
The PhD program in CEE at Rutgers is primarily research-oriented with a focus on original contributions in a specialized concentration of civil and environmental engineering. Find out more>>