Undergraduate Programs

Civil engineers design and create virtually all infrastructure, from bridges and highways to airports and sewage treatment facilities. Within civil engineering, there can a be a wide range of specialization: structural engineers may be involved in designing buildings to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes; transportation engineers may design highways; construction and geotechnical engineers may be involved with creating new towers and tunnels. Civil engineering is a gratifying field. The job outlook, opportunity for advancement, high salaries and sense of professional fulfillment led US News & World Report to rank civil engineering among its top 10 technology jobs of 2013. The Department of Labor projects 24 percent job growth for civil engineers between 2010 and 2020.

At Rutgers, students tackle issues of global importance, including the sustainability of infrastructures, the impact of transportation on the environment, deploying emerging concepts and technologies in the construction of new facilities, and much more. Our faculty members are leading innovators with recent technological advances that include a robot that examines bridge surfaces using sophisticated tools and a 3-D geospatial mapping instrument

The first two years of study for undergraduate students build the base needed for the civil and environmental engineering education by taking various courses in math, theoretical and applied mechanics, and some general engineering courses. Also several electives are offered that are both course related and non-course related.

The last two years of study involve primarily civil and environmental engineering courses wherein the student selects a major and secondary area of study from the five areas of concentration within the department. The total credits required for graduation are 128 credits.  In addition, the following programs are available for undergraduates:

Five-Year Dual Degree Program

Five-Year B.S./M.B.A. Program

Honors Program (James J. Slade Scholar)

Co-op Internships

BS/MS Program