Master of Science Degree

The Master of Science degree requires the completion of at least 30 credits with two options:

Option A: Requires a minimum of 24 credits of coursework plus a 6 credit thesis and a public oral defense of thesis.

Option B: Requires a minimum of 27 credits of coursework plus a 3 credit special project, and a final oral examination.

Students are free to choose between Options A and B, except graduate assistants, who are required to take Option A. The students choose a program of study outlined in Section III. 


General Course Credit Requirements

Students must satisfy the following credit requirements toward the M.S. degree:

1. At least 18 credits must be taken from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

2. No credit in 300-level courses may be used toward the M.S. degree.

3. No more than 6 credits of 400-level Civil and Environmental engineering courses may be used toward the MS degree. Special Problems in Civil Engineering and Co-Op Courses cannot be used toward the MS degree.

4. No more than 3 credits of either Advanced Topics In Civil Engineering (180:601 or 180:602) or Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering (180:611 or 180:612) may be used toward the MS degree.

5. 180:701 and 180:702 can be used only for thesis research. These credits will not count toward coursework requirements.

6. At least two semesters (N credit prefix) of Seminar in Civil and Environmental Engineering (180:691, 180:692). 

Students are urged to complete the M.S. requirements as expeditiously as possible. The normal maximum is three years after the first registration in the Graduate School.

Part-time students will be allowed, without petitioning, a normal maximum of five years.

Students requiring an extension beyond the normal time limits must petition, through the graduate director, to the Executive Council of the Graduate School on an appropriate form available from the Graduate School. The extension will be granted provided that the petition is supported by the student's satisfactory progress in his/her work and other valid reasons.