Five-Year BS/Master's Programs

Bachelor of Science & Master of Science (BS & MS)


The goal of the CEE BS/MS is to allow academically qualified students to receive the BS and MS degrees in a shortened time frame (5 year or 5 years and summer). This highly intensive academic program gives students more research experience and better prepares them for research and development careers or further graduate study. Completing the BS/MS or is possible if you enroll in the JJ Slade Scholars Research Program and take graduate-level courses in the senior year in addition to completing all of the undergraduate degree requirements. (Courses cannot double-count for both undergraduate requirements and graduate credit).


In order to be admitted for the BS/MS, students must:
1) Have a 3.2 cumulative GPA or higher.
2) Apply after the end of spring exams and before June 15th of junior year (Form: BS/MS Application.pdf)
3) Have completed all of the school of engineering undergraduate requirements for general, humanities and social science electives by the start of senior year.
4) Submit two (2) letters of recommendation and a personal statement. At least one of your letters must be from you research and/or intended JJ Slade Scholar faculty advisor if you are enrolled in the JJ Slade Scholar program.
5) No GRE exam scores are required.


The BS/MS program requires the student to take at least six (6) graduate course credits in their senior year. These credits can be research credits through the J.J. Slade Scholar program or can be course credits or a combination of both. The BS/MS program requires the student to take 30 graduate course credits in addition to the 128 undergraduate course credits in to graduate.

Timeline for BS/MS Program

Spring of Junior yearIf a student wants to participate in the James J. Slade Scholars Program, the student should identify an advisor for their James J. Slade Scholars research and apply for the James J. Slade Scholars Program. The James J. Slade research may become the thesis topic for the M.S. degree.
December 1st :  Deadline to apply to the CEE BS/MS program.
Summer following Junior Year (optional)If already applied and selected for the James J. Slade Scholars Program, the student may begin research and/or Slade Project in the summer.
Senior yearTake graduate courses or take research courses if participating in the James J. Slade Scholars Program and doing research.. The 601 research credits will count only as elective course credits towards the M.S. degree. Graduate courses or research courses taken in the senior year can only count towards the M.S. degree- they can’t count towards the B.Sc. degree. The student should take minimum 6 graduate credits in the senior year (these credits can be graduate courses or research courses)
Fifth yearTake remainder of masters courses (Research/Electives/Core Graduate Courses).  Students can take fewer courses, but this would lengthen the duration of the MS degree. Students should look at the Graduate Program Manual and be familiar with the MS degree requirements.
Summer and Fall following fifth year: If necessary, students will write the MS thesis (Option A) and defend it or present a Special Project (Option B).

Please Note:
1) Students can change advisors at the end of the BS senior year, as the Slade Scholar topic does not necessarily have to be the MS thesis or MS special project.
2) You need to graduate with a BS at the end of the spring semester of your senior year
3) Continuation in the BS/MS program is contingent on receiving no more than one C grade in the graduate courses in the senior year.

For more information, see

Bachelor of Science & Master of Business Administration (BS & MBA)

The BS/MBA accelerated program requires student to apply to the Rutgers Business School (RBS) for admission in their junior year. Admission to the BS/MBA requires 3.3 GPA and top 75th percentile score on the GMAT or GRE exam plus one semester of calculus and statistics (with grades of ‘B’ or better). For more information, see