Monica Mazurek

Associate Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Office:RWH 322F

Monica Mazurek, Ph.D., associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Rutgers, is the director of CAIT's Environment and Energy Program at CAIT and the center's resident air quality expert.

Her research interests include air quality engineering; analytical methods for organic compounds in environmental and chemical engineering processes; and organic geochemistry of earth materials.

Mazurek's research focuses on the application of molecular marker technologies to control sources of fine particles in urban airsheds. She is also interested in global biogeochemistry of higher molecular weight organic matter (natural products), molecular markers in design and optimization of process-based chemical engineering technologies (fuels, additives), air quality engineering and organic molecular markers as tracers for biogeochemical and environmental processes.


Ph.D. Geochemistry, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, 1985 University of California at Los Angeles
B.S. Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, 1977 University of California at Los Angeles